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Travel inside Poland

Thanks to the extensive transport network outside and inside the country there are several possibilities to travel inside Poland

By plane

Domestic airports are in Warsaw-Okenice (adjacent to the international terminal), Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, and Wroclaw.

By car

To some areas in Poland it's the best way to go by car or by motorcycle, it can be far more interesting than by train or by bus. But it can be also more risky. The road conditions are not so good, as in other countries in Western Europe. Also there aren't too much motorways (max. 400 km in whole Poland). Poland uses standard international traffic signs. Major routes are signed with "E", motorways with "A". The legal driving age in Poland is 17 years. Traffic drives on the right. Use of seat belts is obligatory.  Driving with headlights is obligatory at all times from 1 October to 1 March. Maximum permitted alcohol to blood ration is 0.02%. 
Speed limits:
motorways - 130 km/h
main roads - 100-110 km/h
within built-up areas - 60kph.

By bus

Bus stations are usually in the city centres. The Polish bus company is PKS, but there also are several other private bus companies. To travel by bus is usually cheaper, than to travel by train. There are some areas in Poland, where you can choose only buses because the terrain is so sticky.

By train

The Polish Railways (Polskie Koleje Panstwowe, PKP) has a very well developed, serried rail network, with which you can reach not only the major cities in Europe, but also any part of Poland. You can choose express trains (which are faster, more comfortable and of course more expensive) and fast trains. Furthermore there are 2 classes: the 2nd class is cheaper, the 1st class is more comfortable and expensive. Polish railway offers also Eurocity and Intercity trains since 1992, which assure the most convenient way of transport between bigger cities without stopping on their route. On most of the train stations you can find restaurant, post office, newsstand, shops, snack bars, toilets.

By ship
Regarding prices and time table or other information please visit www.polferries.com.pl.

By bicycle
Incontestable, that to discover Poland by bicycle is one of the most interesting way of travelling. Poland has a well developed and well kept cycling trails, together thousands of kilometres long, which are on Western Europe standard. The cycling trails lead many times in beautiful landscapes far away from the noisy cities. Cyclists can use services of hostels, mountain huts, rural accommodations, hotels, and bike hire centres.

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