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Attractions in Warsaw

Zamek Krolewski (Royal Castle)
From the place, where The Royal Castle stands, is beautiful scenery to the Vistula River. The castle was built for the Mazovian Dukes. When King Zygmunt III Vasa made Warsaw the capital city, the castle was expanded. It was the king's residence in 17th and 18th century. It also housed the parliament. The castle was destroyed during World War II and it was reconstructed in Baroque style. Only the darker elements of the decoration are saved from the original ruins. The castle is today a museum and it displays furniture, porcelain collections and other arts in the Royal Apartment, Courtier Rooms and art galleries. Unfortunately also the royal garden was destroyed during World War II, but the recreation is under way.  Address: Plac Zamkovy 4
For more information please see website www.zamek-krolewski.art.pl.

Łazienki Królewskie (Royal Lazienki)
It's a park complex with a palace. A hundred years ago the Polish presidents had their residence in the palace. The Chopin Festival is held every summer near the Chopin Monument, which is located also in the Lazienki Park. Address: ul.  Agrykola 1

Wilanow Palace
In the 17th century King Jan Sobieski III used the Baroque palace and Wilanow garden as his summer residence. The king used to return here after his victorious battles. You can take a walk in the reconstructed interior and the gallery seeing portraits and handicrafts or in the captivating park. Here is also the Museum of Posters (Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie). Address: ul. St Kostki-Potockiego 10/16. website: www.wilanow-palac.art.pl

Katedra sw Jana (St John's Cathedral)

St John's is the oldest church in Warsaw completed in Gothic style in the 15th century. The church was the scene of the coronation of Polish King Stanislaw II. It was upgraded to cathedral only in the end of 18th century. World War II didn't spare the building, but it was reconstructed in it's original style. Address: ul. Swietojanska 8

Pawiak Prison

The prison was originally built at the order of the Czars but later on it restrained many victims of the Nazi reign in World War II. Prison Pawiak is now a museum and sorrowful symbol of oppression. Address: ul. Dzielna 24/26 Website: http://www.muzeumniepodleglosci.pl

Getto Zydowskie (Jewish Ghetto)

After the Nazi invasion the ghetto was rounded by 3-meter-high walls and more than 400,000 Jews were imprisoned in the Jewish ghetto. The wall began near the Palace of Culture and Science and ended by the Umschlagplatz monument. Today only 3 fragments of the wall survived. The Monument to the Ghetto Heroes stands in ul. L Zamenhofa and it marks the centre of the ghetto. Other memorials are in ul. Muranowska (the Monument of the Killed and Murdered in the East) and in pl. Krasinskich. (the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Monument). Worth to visit the Nozyk Synagogue (ul. Twarda 6), which was used as Nazi warehouse during the World War II, and due to this fact it's the only survived synagogue in Warsaw. Other notable sight is the Jewish Historical Institute (ul. Tlomackie 3/5, website: www.jewishinstitute.org.pl) displaying photographic archives and artworks. The Jewish Cemetery (ul. Okopowa 49/51) is 200 years old and is still used.

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