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Entertainment in Warsaw

In Warsaw you can find plenty of possibilities to entertain. You can get information about the actual cultural events from The Warsaw Tourist Information Points or the newspapers The Warsaw Voice, the Warsaw Insider and the What's Up Warsaw. Tickets can be bought in the venues, at the Empik Megastore (address: ul. Nowy Swiat 15/17, website: www.empik.com or at the ZASP booking office (address: al. Jerozolimskie 25).

Classical music events

The Warsaw Philharmonic (Filharmonia Narodowa) - the main orchestra in Warsaw - offers symphony and chamber concerts. Address: entrances from ul. Sienkieicza 10 and ul. Moniuszki 5 Website: www.filharmonia.pl Opera and ballet performances are showed mainly in the season from September till May in the National Theatre (Teatr Narodowy), which includes the Grand Theatre (Teatr Wielki) and the National Opera (Opera Narodowa). The stage of the National Theatre is one of the largest stages in Europe, so large-scale productions are held here, for example the Aida. Address: plac Teatralny 1-3 Website: www.teatrwielki.pl and www.narodowy.pl The Warsaw Chamber Opera (Warszawska Opera Kameralna) also offers a variety of performances. Address: aleja Solidarnosci 76B Website: www.wok.pol.pl

Light music events

The Buffo Theatre is a great venue for entertainment, if you wish to hear lighter music such as Polish movie songs and rock and roll.

Other places where live music plays:
- Gwardia Stadium, ul. Raclawicka 13 (rock and pop)
- Tor Stegny, ul. Inspektowa 1 (rock and pop)
- Dekada, ul. Grojecka 19/25, website: www.dekada.pl (rock and pop)
- Sala Kongresowa - in the Palace of Culture and Science (jazz)
- Bojangles Club, Polonia Palace Hotel, al. Jerozolimskie 45 (jazz)
- Harenda, ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 4/6, website: www.harenda.pl (jazz)
- Tygmont, ul.Mazowiecka 6/8, website: www.tygmont.com.pl (jazz)
- Stodola, ul.Batorego 10 (mainly Polish rock bands)
- Proxima, ul. Zwirki I Wigury 99A.(mainly Polish rock bands)

Nights Clubs mainly offer commercial music (pop, disco), electronic hard core and trance.
- Remont, ul.12 Waryńskiego, website: http://www.klubremont.pl
- Quo Vadis, Palace of Culture and Science, website: http://www.qvovadis.pl
- Paparazzi, ul.12 Mazowiecka, website: http://www.paparazzi.com.pl

The world famous Polish theatrical has several companies in Warsaw.

Grand Theatre (Teatr Wielki) Address: plac Teatralny 1 website: www.teatrwielki.pl

National Theatre (Teatr Narodowy) Address: plac Teatralny 3 website: www.narodowy.pl

Roma Music Theatre shows performances of Broadway-type hits, folk music. Also some matinees are showed for children. Address: ul. Nowogrodzka 49 Website: www.roma.warszawa.pl

The performances in Jewish Theatre are all in Yiddish-language and spectators can listen to translation through headphones. Address: pl. Grzybowski 12/16 Website: www.teatr-zydowski.art.pl You can enjoy English-language productions from The Globe Theatre Group.
Website: www.globetheatre.art.pl Tickets can be bought on venues or from the ZASP booking office (address: al. Jerozolimskie 25).


There are many cinemas in Warsaw. The Friday's Gazeta Wyborcza and the website www.gazeta.pl show the list of actual movies. Most of the films are shown in the original language with Polish subtitles. Silver Screen, ul. Pulawska 19/21 website: www.silverscreen.com.pl Cinema City Arkadia, al. Jana Pawla 11 82 website: www.cinema-city.pl For art films and Polish films (English subtitles) visit the Rejs cinema (Krakowskie Przedmiescie 21/23) or the Muranow, (ul. Gen. Andersa 1).


In Warsaw's casinos you have to wear strict dress code of jacket and tie. The minimum age is 18 (usually passports are required). Royal Casino Warsaw Address: ul. 13 Krakowskie Przedmiescie
Website: http://www.royalcasino.pl

Casinos Poland Address: Hotel Marriott, ul. 65/79 Jerozolimskie or Hyatt Hotel, ul. 23 Belwederska Website: http://www.casinospoland.pl

Nightlife in Warsaw

Warsaw has plenty of nightclubs, bars, pubs and cafés. Many of them will surely meet your needs. The monthly Warsaw Insider provides overall information about these places (website: www.warsawinsider.pl).

The Polish kitchen has been influenced for a long time from France and Italy, but we can feel also the impression of Tartar, Armenian, Lithuanian, Cossack, Hungarian and Jewish cuisine. Real Polish cuisine uses mainly ingredients as cereals, fish, crayfish, venison and fruits of the forest. Also beloved ingredients are sour cabbage, sour cucumber, cereals, dried mushroom, curdled milk and sour rye. In the menus of the restaurants the tax is usually included in the price of the food, but tip should be given extra (10-15%). The Warsaw Voice, the Warsaw Insider and the What's Up Warsaw will provide you with information of restaurants in various levels.

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