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History of Warsaw

The foundation of Warsaw on the place of previous settlements dates back to the 14th century. The new city became the capital of Mazovia in the early 15th century, which was later incorporated into Poland. Warsaw became the capital of the Polish Lithuanian Union in 1569, being also the seat of the Parliament. After a fire in Cracow the Royal Court moved to Warsaw as well. In the late next century, in a war with Sweden Warsaw was attacked and destroyed, but regained it's original status shortly after.

The development of Warsaw went on through the 19th century despite the partitioning of Poland, as the capital of territory belonging to Prussia. Waterworks, city gas, telephone, horse-tram were introduced in this hundred years.

After the First World War Warsaw became the capital of Poland once again. At the beginning of the Second World War the German siege and bombing destructed the city partly, the entire Jewish population was herded into the Warsaw Ghetto. When the liquidation began, the uprising of the Ghetto held out almost for a month. Nearing the end of the war the resistant Home Army tried to retake the capital, but the uprising was suppressed. After the war Warsaw was all but ruins.

The reconstruction of Warsaw began in 1945, many of the historic streets, buildings, and churches were restored to their original form, prefabricated houses were erected as well. In 1995 the Warsaw Metro finally opened, and with the entry of Poland into the European Union in 2004, Warsaw is currently experiencing the biggest economic boom of its history.

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